My newest great niece.

The Gift of Family

One of the greatest gifts God has given me is family. And while I am thankful for each member, today I am celebrating my niece, Erica, and her new family. Erica, the daughter of my husband's sister, has been through many rough patches in life, including losing her mother when she was only nine. Yet she is always joyful and her trust in God remains unshaken. Not every member of our families shares our faith, so my relationship with Erica is special. I not only love her, I admire her. And in a delicious serendipity, she married a man with the same last name as mine: Lyons. How cool is that? It's like God's acknowledgement of our special bond.

When Erica was pregnant I asked her if there were something special we could give the baby. Her answer was books. Ah, this lovely lass knows what is near and dear to my heart! I had so much fun picking out classics: Good Night Moon, The Runaway Bunny, Pat the Dog. And, of course, a gigantic lion. But it was even more fun to be able to include the books I've written, that stem from my faith. Since I have no children of my own, my books are my legacy. What a joy it is to know that God might use words I wrote to help nurture a child's faith! A child who is part of our small family, and who, Lord willing, will be a member of the greatest Family of all. What a gift.

First Step

My mom had a lot of great sayings like, “Old age ain’t for sissies, but it beats the alternative,” and “He’s a long, tall, drink of water.” But the one that comes to mind right now is, “A journey of … Read More