I wrote this, along with some other stories, for a friend who wished the Sandra Boyton books her toddler loved had some take away value. (That toddler is now going into tenth grade.) These books (God Is Watching Over You comes out March 2016) contain all the sounds, or phonemes, in English. It's important for children to hear all these sounds to help them learn to speak and read. I think of them as Baby Einstein gets religion.

Fuzzy Bibles

These board books delight little ones with their fuzzy covers and short rhyming text. I focused on capturing the message of each Bible story when I wrote these. For example, most Bible stories about Noah and the Ark focus on the animals. But after studying the text and praying about it, I realized the story is really about Noah's relationship with God:

In a time when folks were bad,

Only Noah made God glad

And even though these are stories from the Bible, I kept the language and the details age appropriate and fun:

God said, "Noah, build a ship,

Pack a zoo and take a trip

From my favorite reviews on Amazon:

"In simplifying the passages Lyons was able to create something that not only captures the reader and introduces them to poetry but also honestly conveys the Biblical principles and truths of God’s Word."


"Not only does this baby Bible have great text, the poetry is so pure and profound, that I might actually use the text as memorization lessons for [my daughter] when she is a bit older! Not even joking!"

I don't know who these people are, nor do they know me, but I'm very glad they like my books!